5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

improve customer service

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their customer service. No matter how big the demand is, customer satisfaction will always be a priority. The need to engage seamlessly with customers is a challenge. Switch Connect is here to eliminate all these obstacles.   The search for a more efficient and faster way to connect inbound calls is over. Switch Connect’s Unified Communications solution can fill in the gap between businesses and their existing and new clients.  

Did You Know That Not All Improvements Will Add Additional Cost to Businesses?

Switch Connect allows you to use the existing legacy phones installed in your offices to cut costs during upgrades. It gives you a flexible plan to pay on a monthly or annual basis where you can save in the process. Quick and easy to install and use, that’s why many organisations are now shifting to unified communications, including the sectors of accounting, finance, engineering, gas utilities and even the government.  

Unified Communications provides solutions to organisations to help them improve their customer service to attract new and old customers as they provide reliable communication with 24/7 Live Support.  

Below Are Some Important Factors to Consider to Provide a Good Customer Service: 

Improving Customer Service  

To improve your customer service, your business must be equipped with these features that are sure to instantly connect with clients. Hence, here are some tips we recommend:

1. Improve Your Website    

You can improve your website by putting all relevant information about the services and products you offer. Make sure that your website is clean, attractive, and responsive across all devices. That is a smart marketing tool that is close to no cost to your company.   If you are targeting globally, make sure your website has a translation feature in which visitors can select their preferred language.  

2.Make Instant Connection  

Equip your website with Live Support. Customers choose media to communicate with you; they can reach you via web chat, voice and video call. So, whatever medium the customers are handpicking, it is definitely an instant connection. Moreover, this will also save you from the cost of the Premium number charges. Since unified communications is a cloud-based communication platform, anyone can reach you at no additional long-distance charges.  

3.Engage Faster and Better  

Get an immediate connection with your customers with Visual Attendant. Your customers can navigate and call directly from the browser. They also get to choose whom to talk to. Also, that eliminates the long queues, which is a huge plus for customers that will make them return over and over again.  

4.Gauge Your Performance  

Switch Connect Insight can handle reporting and analytic solution. It can give you accurate relevant information and make necessary adjustments to increase customer satisfaction and make necessary changes. Moreover, it can give comprehensive quality data that you can for troubleshooting, ensuring the highest levels of service delivery.  

Further, based on the data and metrics, your organisation can project queuing hours to your team can strategise and plan it in advance. Hence, you can allocate more manpower on hours where it is predicted to have a large volume of calls. Moreover, you can now cope with the demands and provide quality service to your customers.  Also, it has Customer and Agent Surveys that can collect important data. Using post-call surveys, you can collect facts like customer satisfaction, sales and key information easily and promptly.  

5. Gain More Deals and Business  

Giving excellent service is also a marketing tool. Likewise, satisfied existing customers will organically speak for you, recommending your business.   Besides gaining customers, your business can also win over partnership with other businesses. When your business is teeming, many other companies would want to partner with you.  

satisfied customer


When your business has Switch Connects’ innovative solutions like Live Support, Visual Attendant, and Switch Connect Insight, it is a step in the right direction. In fact, it can even be a recipe for a successful business.    Having an uncluttered website will always give a good impression to anyone. Customers have always been drawn to anything neat and organised. Hence, this reflects the company’s image.  

By having improved customer service, your business can have many prospects on the horizon. Thus, this can be through a partnership with other businesses or by increasing the volume of customers.  Hence, improving your customer service is not a complex affair; it is simple as employing innovative business solutions and knowing what to do after anticipating an increase in demand.  Ultimately, reliable and clear communication and innovative solutions should always work hand in hand to achieve a favourable result.  

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