Microsoft Teams Features You Might Not Know Existed

Microsoft Teams is on a non-stop roadmap to provide the most robust collaborative platform today. They are continuously refining their existing system to provide a better experience for their 115 million strong daily users, in the areas of productivity, reliability, and security. Moreover, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, about 100 features were released this year and we have yet to reach the halfway mark of the current year.  Microsoft’s objective is to ensure efficiency no matter what the industry is, bridging the gap between communication requirements, whether it be the sector of accounting, engineering, finance, gas-utilities, medical, or even the government.  The question is, are you utilising it? 

Here Are the Few Hints of Features You Might Not Know Existed

  • Co-Edit the Same Material All at Once

There is always an element of lag time in the traditional workplace setup.  Microsoft Teams eliminate this by allowing more than one person working on the same Office 365 document at the same time.

  • Create up to 200 Channels

Sometimes there is a lack of appropriate channels in Teams. This is despite the fact; any organisation can create up to 200 channels. So, there can be a group chat for any occasion, appropriation and form. 

  • Synchronized Your Status With Your Availability

There is a gap between what someone in Teams is doing and what is on their current status. To avoid any unwarranted interruption, sync your status with your Outlook Calendar to tell your officemates your availability. Hence, it is essential to know your colleagues’ availability to allow them to concentrate on their work. 

  • Managing Security Levels 

Only those concerned must have access to sensitive data.  The use of sensitivity labels and restrictions can be helpful to secure the team and its files. By doing so, this will protect contents in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, and Office 365 groups. If there is a need to collaborate with people outside the organisation, there is also a configuration for this. 

  •  Translation Feature

Do you have colleagues from around the world? Microsoft Teams can translate many languages to resolves any language barrier. In like fashion, you can even learn a foreign language while you are at it. Furthermore, it can start a friendship even if they are half a world away.

  • Use the Transcription Options

You can easily convert your conversation into text. All it takes is to configure Microsoft Teams before any one-on-one call or conference calls. Also, have a say on who can access, see and enable the transcription feature.   

  • Express Yourself 

Primarily, if you are not using any emojis, gifs, and stickers when it calls for it, where is the fun in that? It is there for a reason, so express yourself. Moreover, use it to have fun, have a guesting game and use emojis. Ultimately, have fun with it.  

microsoft teams features


Whether you are up to date with the latest features of Teams or not, Microsoft will continue its updates regardless. Microsoft Teams is the gift that keeps on giving. First, Microsoft Teams is included when you subscribe to Office 365, then it continues to provide updates and serves as an all-encompassing collaborative solution.  This is like Microsoft’s way of thanking its 115 million daily users. In the same manner, this proves the point that Microsoft is the most used software in the world today. 

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