MS Teams Voice Infinite Possibilities

ms teams infinite possibilities

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is boundless in so many ways. It has undoubtedly changed the game in the business world.

As a channel-based carrier, Switch Connect provides Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to many industries, namely, accounting, engineering, finance, gas-utilities, healthcare, and even the government. Moreover, any of these sectors can benefit from the voice feature of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.  Together with the capability to provide voice, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing has raised the bar.   Microsoft Teams can eliminate the temptation of resorting to Shadow IT that are unsecured and hampers productivity when the user hops between apps all the time and reducing efficient.  Moreover, what is more astonishing is the way how this is all made possible. 

How Microsoft made it? By developing a whole of business adoptable system. With Microsoft Teams you do not need any expensive infrastructure to make it work, this is all delivered by your Office 365 subscription. Unlike legacy voice solutions, Microsoft Team is a single pane of glass communications solutions, an all-in-one solution for any businesses, which can be used on your computer, laptop and smartphone.  

In light of all of these features, Microsoft Teams can accomplish a lot more with its voice solution.   To find out more about how the voice in Microsoft Teams made an impact on businesses watch the video and see how Switch Connect CEO Rohan Milne explains what it is all about.  

Infinite Possibilities   

Here are the few ways how Microsoft Teams open doors of boundless opportunities for your business.  

1. Turn your Microsoft Teams into your Office Phone

You can add dial tone to Microsoft Teams. This way, you can make and receive business phone calls with any device. In the process, it turns Teams into the office phone system.

 2. Enhanced Work from Home Setup   

With a robust voice feature, anyone can work better remotely. You can call the attention of the concerned party or individual faster and have an immediate feedback and impactful results.

3. Quick Onboarding Experience  

There will be no need for any lengthy consultancy to have an onboard. The onboarding experience will be fast and anyone can get to use Microsoft Teams right away. Anyone with no real experience in voice can onboard someone.  

4. Fully Automated  

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is fully automated and can make configuration updates on its own. Moreover, it can set up session border controller services and integrate with an existing IP-PBX or Cloud UC service.  

In addition, Microsoft Teams has a bunch of helpful features to make your businesses grow and track productivity inside your organization. There’s a call recording feature together with video call recording, report and analytics and much more. Not to mention, Microsoft Teams is constantly adding more features to make it more productive than ever before.

Questions? Talk to us today.  

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