The Advantages of Microsoft Suite Training Online

As you read this, there are many software applications that are under development. Much of them will just add to the already crowded mobile apps landscape. ​

But you do not need to know all of them. Some of these apps are a version of the others with improvements, some free, while others are open-sourced. ​

​No one needs to have them on your devices. ​

​However, one thing still remains essential. These are the apps that ubiquitous and far-reaching. This is the only one that matters, and everybody is expecting that everyone to knows how to use this group of apps. ​

​We are talking about Microsoft Suites. ​

​We all started with the pervasive Microsoft Word. We began using this app in school, then we turned to MS PowerPoint during those school reports, maybe MS Excel on the side to compute something here and there. ​

​Then you moved to MS Outlook to collaborate with others who are also using the same apps, and there are many more applications in the MS Suites that you need to know, which almost a prerequisite if you need to penetrate the labour force. ​

However, industry insiders believed, “many adults lack the formal training for many of the newer software programs. It can be somewhat of a challenge to keep up with the latest software versions as they change almost every year.” This applies not only to most applications but to Microsoft Suites, too. ​

​This school of thought has given birth to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).​

MOOC was coined by Dave Cornier of the University of Prince Edward Island in 2008, together with Bryan Alexander of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. This is in response to an open online course designed and led by George Siemens at Athabasca University and Stephen Downes at The National Research Council in Canada.​

Since this learning is internet-based, this is no longer exclusive to universities, as it finds its way to learners of short courses on the world wide web. ​

Here are the reasons why you should take advantage of Microsoft Office Suite Training Online:​

1. Universal software​

​Microsoft Office has found its way from desktop computers to our mobile phone. Whether it gains popularity because of the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend is debatable. It is definitely present on our computers, and it is considered a must on our mobile devices. ​

Over 1.2 billion people and most businesses use Microsoft Office; that is, nearly 20% of the world’s population use Microsoft Office 365.​

​In fact, even macOS users have them in their repertoire.  ​

​So, it is only proper to consider undergoing Microsoft Office Suite Courses. ​

2. Jump Start a new career​

​Since all the Microsoft Office Suite applications are universally used, undergoing such training might very well resuscitate careers as it is very much in demand and much of the office task revolved around the MS Suite. ​

​After all, as Malcolm X said: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepared for it today.”​

3. Easy to use​

​Part of its allure why it is universally utilised is because it is easy to use. Even if there were any upgrades to the software, it does not stray away from its basics function, and nothing is too complicated. Even if you use MS Word in either macOS or Windows, there are barely any interface changes. A few tweaks here and there, and everyone who is already accustomed to it can operate it. ​

​It is very well much like riding a bicycle: once you know how to use it, you will surely ride it without any hitches.  ​

4. Access to tutorial ​

​There are many ways your company can gain access to any MS office package courses. But to ensure you are getting your money’s worth have the training with accredited trainors. This way, you can be sure that your companies can harness the full potential of Microsoft Suites. There are short courses that are as long as 95 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) and as short as 50 minutes. ​

​5. Be certified.​

​Granted that all this tutorial you can learn on your own via the internet for free. You may gain some tips, techniques, and tactics along the way. Still, there is something that lingers: will potential employers ask for proof that one has gone through proper training? The answer is yes. ​

​Employers are aware of what an authentic Microsoft Certificate looks like in just one glance. Hence, faking it is futile. Having a real certificate has its benefits in the long run.​

​Ultimately, MOOC has a bright future ahead. This also goes with short courses like that of the Microsoft Suite online training. ​

​While others see MOOC as a threat to university learnings, some academics are expressing their optimism and seeing it as another instrument of education. ​

Mark Tucker, President of the National Center on Education, and the Economy, even go as far as predicting that this could be good for educators.​

​Tucker said, “… some interesting things happen in this model–or might happen. Great teachers could become very hot properties. Talent agencies might add college professors to their roster of sports figures and movie stars.”​

​These things may not be far from being a reality sooner than later. After all, technology always has exponential growth and anything that goes along with it also does, too.​

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