Unified Communications and Its Importance to the Economy

Unified Communications - WTISD

Economists consider technology as one of the leading sources of economic growth and development.   Like any game changing solutions, technology–unified communications–to be specific, has continued to evolve and enable innovative solutions to many industries.   As for the leading the charge for innovation, telco companies have accepted these challenges. They provide out-of-the-box solutions to bring businesses growth and to meet the demands of the economy.  

Moreover, it comes in two folds: internal and external communications Internal communication pertains to the collaboration of people within the company, while external communications refer to communications with clients, stakeholders, and suppliers.   In any case, having a reliable telecommunications company is the key to efficiently managing all forms of communications. This is the type of service provided by Switch Connect.  

How Vital Is Unified Communications in Bridging the Gap?

Today is a significant date for unified communications or even telecoms in general because 17 May is the designated day for the observance of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD).  

WTISD aims to raise awareness of the possibilities of how the internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) can bring change to societies and economies. This also highlights the ways ICT bridges the digital divide.  It was no less than that the United Nations spearheaded this awareness.   

This all started in Paris on 17 May 1865, when the UN first marked World Telecommunication Day, which is also the first International Telegraph Convention.  Since 1969, the world has celebrated WTISD.   

Unified Communications extends its arms to help these sectors to overcome the world’s demand. Switch Connect continuously becoming a part of these industries to fulfil and contribute innovative solutions empowering the economy and society.  

Below are some of the scenarios on how these top industries utilise unified communications.  

  • Healthcare  

Share and collaborate on patient information with the use of unified communications. Unified Communications also has presence awareness, which personnel can use to know a doctor’s availability.  

  • Engineering

Engineering consultants can talk with other personnel, review designs, and respond quickly.  

  • Finance

Make faster decisions making and have less risk with clear and uninterrupted calls.   

  • Accounting

  Have a seamless collaboration with the whole team and get the data you need from other co-workers using unified communications.   

  • Gas Utilities

  The use of quality communication equipment can improve efficiency, spur productivity, and lessen the chances of making mistakes. Here is when having reliable communication equipment and software are vital.   

  • Government

The whole agency can be connected using unified communications. Provide better service with a consistent flow of information at all levels of government, locally or nationally.  

unified communications - bridging the gap


Overall, what unified communications bring to the table is security across the board.   Having unified communications can help many companies, regardless of industries and sectors, have the choice of not using shadow IT because these readily made apps are not secure, which can potentially hinder any operation.   

Unified Communications are encrypted and have control over the endpoint security.   This is the same encryption used for Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) and protecting HTTP traffic.   

A unified communications system has access control which requires only authorised users can use the company’s communications system.  Also, endpoint security ensures that communications devices will not be backdoors into anyone’s network. This includes devices like telephones, desktops, and workstations.   

This feature is ubiquitous to all unified communications as a service provided by Switch Connect.  As we live in a fast-paced world, we all need our information to keep pace with us as much as possible. Real-time and unlimited messaging allow people to communicate instantly through the use of the internet.  

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