Today is April’s Fools Day!

Did you think Switch Connect will really lower its standards?  Switch Connect is fully committed to providing a quality top of the line product and services you can rely on.  It was fun to relive the 90’s all over again. But since we got a taste of what a robust internet connection can be, we know there …

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woman talking through her phone with headset

Troubleshooting VoIP Phone Problems

Caller: Hello, can you hear me?  Operator: I am sorry. Hello, can you speak up? I can’t hear you.   Caller: There is something wrong with my phone or something, can you help me?  Operator: You got to hang up and call back again. I am so so sorry.   Frustrating, isn’t? Does this ever happen to you?  At this age, we hope this will be just a …

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How to Spot a Spam Call

Chances are you already receive a spam or scam call, one way or the other, and you may not realise that it was supposed to scam you, but somehow you escape it, all without you recognising it.  These scammers are so cunning; you never know that they hit you until it dawns on you after seeing your bank statement …

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