Cloud-Based Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

Fully managed, native Azure software-as-a-Service

Natively Record Audio, Video and Screensharing

Microsoft compliance recording partner

Instant scale no delay in growing your business

Zero hardware or software footprint within your organization

Meets GDPR. MIFID II, HIPAA with built-in recording notifications and 256bit encryption

We securely store your data in more than 15 Azure data centers that you can choice from, helping you comply with data sovereignty requirements

Data security at rest by multi-level encryption

Data security at rest by
multi-level encryption

Roles-based access control Two-factor authentication

Securely share recordings internally or externally with password-protected expiring link

Roles-based access control Two-factor authentication

Stereo recording for enhanced transcription accuracy and speaker identification

Transcription using next-gen speech to text technology for highest accuracy Enhanced services, including transcription (available), sentiment analysis (coming soon) and further machine-learning-based predictive analytics (coming soon)

Switch Connect Compliance is a new-generation, cloud-based interaction recording solution developed by Numonix, the innovator in capture technologies. Built on the runtime service fabric of Microsoft Azure, Switch Connect Compliance empowers users to record with integrity, providing instant hyper-scale, security and compliance plus the benefits of Data Sovereignty. Taking interaction capture into the future, Switch Connect Compliance redefines versatility providing the ability to record, store and analyze interactions in the cloud. Its API framework also enables application development. Designed for a broad scope of users, including enterprise, consumers, hosted providers and carriers.

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