EdgeView Service Control Center

Multi-tenanted Management and Monitoring Solution for Real-Time Communications

Communication service providers are continually challenging in delivering high quality, next-generation VoIP-based services. These products, such as Unified Communications as a Service, are technically challenging as well as difficult to deploy. Frequently, the inability to solve customer service issues results in long troubleshooting cycle times, expensive truck rolls, and customer dissatisfaction.

The EdgeView Service Control Center gives service providers a single web-based dashboard to manage service quality, monitor, provision and troubleshoot VoIP. It collects granular data on SIP sessions as well as overall data network performance via the deployment of EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge devices at each
customer site. This data is sent to EdgeView for analysis and action, helping support teams get to the bottom of service quality issues. EdgeView can also manage, monitor, provision, and
troubleshoot VoIP traffic on IP phones that have exposed their APIs to EdgeView for full edge to end views and control.

Ease of Management

We manage all EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges with the EdgeView Service Control Center. EdgeView provides a comprehensive view of your VoIP network, enabling you to monitor performance and quickly remediate issues, leading to an improved customer experience and reduced costs.

key benefits

EdgeView provides all the tools you need to manage your UCaaS deployments.

EdgeView provides all the tools you need to manage your UCaaS deployments.

Provision and Manage
  • Fast, easy configuration through Ribbon Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • System Environmental Analysis (SEA) provides as-installed and ongoing snapshots of the             customer’s network
  • LAN inventory report gives insights into the customer’s LAN and potential problem areas.
Monitor and Alert
  • Repository and analytics engine for real-time performance data.
  • Set event-based triggers to enable advanced analytics, such as packet captures and ring buffers
Troubleshoot and Remediate
  • Go inside the customer network to identify problems and rectify issues.
  • Proactive analytics allow you to view the actual problem—no more trying to replicate issues to get to a resolution.
Report and Analyze
  • Dashboards provide a snapshot of network performance
  • Reporting platform enables ad-hoc and scheduled reports on performance trends,              device inventory, and other metrics.

The Edge View Service Control Center provides total flexibility of deployment options as it is fully containerized and hypervisor agnostic. Ribbon constantly and systematically is optimizing
performance and scale to minimize the hardware requirements to standup EdgeView.
Ribbon publishes EdgeView hardware guidelines as part of each software release in the Release Notes.

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