Hosted PBX

Benefit from business-grade Unified Communications, easier network management, and enhanced employee productivity.

Business IT departments increasingly want to reduce the costs of managing enterprise-wide communications, simplify the communications infrastructure, and provide the advanced calling and Unified Communications features that employees demand.

Switch Connect Hosted PBX does all this, and more.

Switch Connect Hosted PBX is a highly scalable, end-to-end IP communications service for multi-location businesses.

A key benefit of Switch Connect Hosted PBX is that it can be integrated with premise-based solutions, while combining Unified Communications and IP telephony in one service. Switch Connect offers the Unified Communications-as-a-Service with a predictable, per-user pricing model.


Advantages for IT Professionals

Switch Connect Hosted PBX with Unified Communications help you increase:

Business Continuity—your employees, can continue to communicate with customers and each other during an unanticipated disruption in service

Network Security—telephone and Unified Communications are managed in a private cloud, separate from the public Internet

Reliability—service is delivered over the Switch Connect private network that ensures call quality and clarity

Scalability—add locations and employee users quickly, or have us do it for you using Switch Connect Hosted PBX Concierge, and mix Unified Communications technologies across your enterprise

Advantages for Company Employees

Your company’s employees want to communicate and collaborate using their own devices and the Unified Communications tools they’re used to—wherever they are working. Switch Connect Hosted PBX accommodates these needs easily.

Switch Connect Hosted PBX:

• Delivers voice, text, instant messaging, presence, email, video, and collaboration in a single system to increasingly mobile workers.

• Enables employees to move voice calls, text messages, and video chats between office desktop and mobile phones without interruption.

• Allows groups of employees to handle incoming calls as efficiently as any in-house or outsourced contact centre.

• Accommodate needs for specific types of call routing through the hosted square key feature for specific industries—such as restaurants and retail stores.

Lower Cost of Ownership Benefits

With Switch Connect Hosted PBX, you’ll also be able to:

Here are some reasons why we think you will like us.

Switch Connect is a leading business VoIP and SIP trunking provider, with a large install base of SIP trunks in Australia*. Connect all of your offices with Unified Communications services from one provider since our VoIP services are available in all states.

Switch Connect has more than 12 years of experience implementing VoIP deployments. You can rest assured that we have the expertise to provide the network and VoIP assessments, site qualification, smooth service delivery, and support you need.

Unlike many other service providers, Switch Connect manages the delivery of Hosted PBX with Unified Communications over the Tier 1 Switch Connect national network and moves the PBX functionality from your location to a private cloud. With live voice quality monitoring, built-in redundancy, and an uptime service guarantee, Switch Connect Hosted PBX has all of the benefits you need to easily and confidently deliver high-quality voice and Unified Communications across the enterprise. In addition, unlike many competitors, Switch Connect Hosted PBX calling features and IP phone sets are included standard in the monthly price per seat.

Since all of the applications for Hosted PBX reside in the cloud, businesses can enjoy the benefits of IP Unified Communications without having to pay the upfront capital costs of a premise-based PBX at each location. Instead, Switch Connect owns the equipment at a central location and provides the service to customers through a private cloud.

Integrate Voice and UC in One Solution

Switch Connect provides all of the Unified Communications features that your employees prefer.
And as an IT administrator, you can easily set up and control employee access to these features.


Switch Connect WorkTime features can accommodate the fast-growing and game-changing Bring Your Own Device trend and allow you to eliminate many of the costs associated with mobile device management. This will allow your employees to choose and use the devices and carriers they prefer from their home desktops, laptops or personal smartphones:

Smartphone Application—allows your employees to have office phone functionality on their personal smartphones; and to send and receive phone calls just as they would from their office phones.
Desktop/Laptop soft client—put your employees’ work phones on their desktop or laptop computers so they can send and receive
phone calls just as they would from their office phones.

For IT professionals, if your company is short of staff and not able to hire someone to manage your Switch Connect Hosted PBX service, simply outsource the management to us with an easy monthly subscription or simple pay-as-you-go model.

Using Switch Connect Hosted PBX, you can combine Unified Communications features—such as instant messaging, presence, video
calling, desktop sharing, conferencing, and more—with contact centre features such as virtual contact centre, Automatic Call
Distribution (ACD) options and call recording functionality. When you need basic contact centre functionality, you don’t need to buy a
separate contact centre application elsewhere; it’s integrated with your Switch Connect Hosted PBX service.

Carrier-Grade Call Quality
— Switch Connect Hosted PBX calls goes through the Switch Connect network and not over the public Internet.
Automated “Answer”— enable customisable greetings, comfort messages, and hold music.
Expanded Call States— manage routing for bounced, overflow, stranded, and after-hours calls.
Supervisor Rolemonitor contact centre agents, emergency and escalation path for agents, perform agent role when required, move position of queued callers, view dashboard and request automated reports.
Soft Clients— enable agents and contact centre supervisors to log-in, change status, click-to-dial and answer, hold calls, start conference calls, and access directories.
DNIS Support— support multiple inbound phone numbers using Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) with similar routing logic that provides agents with unique calling queues-based numbers entered by customers.
Enhanced Reportscan provide detailed reports on call statistics, agent and supervisor activity, DNIS details and more.

Your employees can take advantage of many of the most popular calling features, and manage them from their own online Management Phone portal.

Switch Connect Anywhere

• automatically move a call from a mobile-to-fixed phone without having to dial extra numbers
• make a call from any phone, and caller ID displays your office number to the recipient.
• automatically forward voice mail to email
• make and receive calls from any device, at any location, with only one phone number, one dial plan, one voice mailbox, and a unified set of features.

Alternate Numbers— use up to 10 other phone numbers/extensions to reach you.

Anonymous Call Rejection— block calls from parties that restrict caller IDs from view.

Automatic Call Back— call someone back when his/her phone isn’t busy.
Busy Lamp Field— enable receptionists to monitor employees’ phone status regardless of where employees are working.
Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No Answer, Not Reachable, Selectable)— use multiple ways to redirect incoming calls to another destination when a line is busy.
Call Return— use an abbreviated code to call back the last person you spoke with.
Call Transfer— transfer a call.
Call Waiting— answer calls while already engaged with other calls.
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking —block the display of an individual’s caller ID.
Do Not Disturb— set the phone so that it appears busy to callers.
Corporate Dial Plan— call others within your company without dialling 10 digits.
Last Number Redial— repeat the last call made by keying in a special code.
Multiple Call Arrangement — speak to two parties before transferring a call

Phone numbers—use direct dial and toll-free numbers
Admin Controls—from the administrative MySite portal
Reporting—get full utilization reports
Recording—enable conference call recording for every call

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Connect your Switch Connect Hosted PBX platform to your favourite CRM systems like, sugarCRM,
Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Skype for Business – Extend the functionality of your Skype for Business  application by connecting it to your Switch Connect Hosted PBX Platform, allowing
you to send and receive standard phone calls from within Skype for Business.

Our company can designate group administrators by department or location to manage which employees have access to which features within
the Switch Connect Hosted PBX platform. Group administrators have access to their own MySite portal to control and manage these settings.

Auto Attendant—provide auto-answer and a personalised message with options of how to reach a specific party, extension or group
External Calling Line ID Delivery— deliver caller ID to an individual’s phone 
Hunt Groups—automatically process incoming calls received by one number among a group or users or agents based on pre-selected routing patterns
Instant Call Group—automatically contact employees of a pre-defined group of a multi-party conference call
Voice Messaging Group—configure voice mail portal features for employees within a group

Recording capability—record calls at any time
Assignments—make recording assignments from the administrator MySite portal
Record all calls—record all (inbound and outbound) related to the assigned phone number
History—retain recording history for 30 days
Recordings—search and download recordings from the administrator MySite portal
Soft client recording

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