Inbound Services

Switch Connect specialises in the supply, management and support for Australian & New Zealand inbound with thousands of numbers in our inventory such as:

We also offer global number support and specialisation in:

SIP Termination

Incorporate inbound into your service bundles with SIP termination directly to your systems.

IN Termination

For direct control and added savings, use the carrier termination facilities with direct IN access.

Switch Connect Routing

Make use of our out of the box routing options to deliver calls to the right place at the right time. Routing options include, but are not limited to IVR Menu, Geo-routing, Postcode Prompting, Announcements, Call Diversion and many more.


Welcome/Preamble Messages

Want to welcome your callers with an offer or compliance message? Use the Switch Connect welcome message feature to upload your own, or our professionally recorded welcome notices so every caller can be informed!

IVR Menu

Utilise our hosted IVR Menu to help your customers direct calls to the appropriate team. Switch Connect provides call by call IVR keypress information in real-time.

Postcode Mapping

Send callers to specific locations based on their suburb selection with Switch Connect’s Postcode Mapper. Deliver accurate and timely diversions based on customer input. This option is great for franchises.


Geo-based routing enables you to select particular exchanges/suburb catchments and automatically route calls made from both Landline or Mobile devices within those locations to the most suitable destinations.

Day & Time-based Routing

Utilise our day and time-based routing to control calls for your business hours and holidays so calls can follow the sun, ensuring the right teams get the calls at the right time.

Failover/ Redundancy Routing

Make use of advanced routing for failover and diversions so your customers can always get through! Switch Connect offers failover routing, ring all queues, call splays and disaster recovery routing to ensure even in the worst-case scenario, your calls have somewhere to go.

Caller ID Routing and Blocking

Route VIPs to their dedicated team or block SPAM callers with individual caller ID Controls.

Call Recording

Make use of free, hosted and secure call recording solutions to securely record and store recordings for training and compliance needs.

Call Whisper

If you want a heads up when a lead has called from a new campaign or listing, then a Call Whisper can play a custom message to your team before the customer is connected to the call.

Missed Call Notifications

Capture the details of missed calls with an automatic email containing the caller information, date and time, number, and channel information delivered in a white label format.

Fax to Email

Capture and forward faxes using our Fax to Email Services.

Customer and Agent Surveys

Collect data about customer satisfaction, sales and key information using our post-call surveys. Switch Connect can easily prompt your staff or customers for their input once the conversation has finished.

Custom Attributes

Set custom call attributes based on call variables directly within our call flows.

Outbound Egress

Set custom call attributes based on call variables directly within our call flows.

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