Live Support

An Omni-channel Customer Engagement Tool

Switch Connect Live Support enables businesses of all sizes to engage their customers via voice, video, chat, document sharing and screenshare services; from a phone, the web or popular social media sites. Seamlessly escalate from a simple chat session or phone call into a robust multi-media connection. Leverage popular CRMs to manage workflows and powerful tools like cobrowsing to help customers complete complex tasks or assure a high-value sale.

Use Live Support as a standalone contact centre or in concert with a legacy call centre

Live Support uses Switch Connect Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, meaning its cloud-based and elastically scales from 1 to 1,000 agents, instantly. There’s no software to install…, period. Agents, supervisors and administers connect instantly via a web browser. Set-up takes minutes, not months and the administration portal even generates the embed code to add a custom Live Support button and menu to a website.

Users can use a traditional phone number or select from an intuitive visual menu tree to contact the right sales or support agent. Start with a simple chat to a chatbot and seamlessly escalate to a live agent, without losing any of the conversation or context. Live Support delivers the experience customers really want.

Live Support Helps Customers in Context

• Website, Social or Phone: Live Support connects your customers and prospects instantly!
• Smartphone Friendly: Connects to almost any device. Customers can use their phone’s
camera to share pictures or video.
• Choice of Media: Text, web chat, social, voice or video call; whatever connection gets the
task resolved.
• Screenshare and Co-browsing: Makes it easy for agents to direct customers to the right
information online or even step them through forms or a purchasing process.
• Seamless Experience: Conversations can change media types (chat to voice to video) or
escalate from AI to a live agent, without starting the conversation over or losing
conversation history.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chat AI
Voice AI

Live Support includes easy and affordable options to use artificial intelligence to off-load common tasks and provide 24/7 access. Dramatically reduce labor costs and still offer seamless escalation to a live agent when customers need additional assistance.


Omni Channel Engagement

Users can share images and videos with their support representative to better describe the issues that need resolution.

Phone, Web and Mobile

Uses the latest WebRTC technology to simplify access from any web browser. Live Support also supports traditional phone calls.


Both real-time and historic reporting so managers can maximise the efficiency of agents and assure outstanding customer service.

Cloud-based, No Software

Agents can be available as soon as they enter a username and password in their browser.

Screen Sharing & Co-browsing

Sales or support experts can remotely assist users in real-time.

CRM Integration

Integrate with Salesforce and other popular CRM tools.

AI Options

Integrate Chat and Voice AI to deliver 24/7 support. Agents are freed from performing repetitive tasks.


Manage Costs

• Use AI-based services to off-load low-value tasks –dramatically reduce agent labour costs
• Pay only for the capacity required, completely elastic cloud economics – no hardware or software to buy
• Self-service administration portal that reduces the need for pro-services or support team training
• Instantly integrates into existing websites, embed one line of code
• Overlay a legacy call centre for multimedia services rather than pay for a full-contact centre upgrade

Better Customer Experiences

• Offer 24/7 support with AI-based agents
• Use web-based visual menus or AI-based natural language processing to eliminate traditional menu trees
(press 1 for…)
• Use video, picture sharing or document sharing to accelerate trouble resolution
• Use screen share and co-browsing to help customers pick the right merchandise or complete buying steps

Agents are as Close as their Web Browse

The Live Support agent console automatically logs your agents into their designated support group and allows them to see the pending chat, voice and video requests.
Agents can manage up to 10 simultaneous chat sessions and can change their availability manually and automatically.
And all of the customer interactions are tracked and recorded. Your agents can see the transcript of the chats’ transcripts and send them to the users via email if needed.

Use Live Support in Concert with a Legacy

Customer Connect feature adds multimedia experience to phone calls

Live Support can be overlaid on top of an existing call centre environment. Live Support enables agents to promote a traditional call that arrives in call centre and needs additional services.

Agents send a web link or text message (SMS) to the user to escalate the call. When the user clicks on the link, it opens the second session in the browser for screen share, co-browsing and video. The audio stays on the original phone call, so there’s no disruption to the call or reporting metrics.

Customers will appreciate Live Support’s modern features like using a phone camera to help illustrate or troubleshoot a problem.

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