Collaborate with anyone
anytime anywhere

The future on secure cloud-based communications is here

Feature rich, More Choices & More Value

The Switch Connect Cloud Phone System has an extensive list of support features and functionality and a just as impressive list of support handsets and endpoints.

Moving to the cloud made easy

  • One solution – SMB and enterprise-ready features and services

  • Easier migrations – our Nortel heritage assures hundreds of traditional Phone System features

  • Compelling UC clients – our exclusive Omni technology reduces clients costs

  • Intuitive – better client experiences and web administration reduces help desk and IT staff expense


It’s Cloud-Based

You’re no longer weighed down by wires, or constrained by physical communication architecture of your office. It’s the smartest and most economical way to communicate today.

It has state-of-the-art telephony features

A fully featured telephone services that includes everything you need at the click of a mouse, including call notify, call transfer, call return, extension dialling, call forwarding, remote access, call centre functionality, advanced reception functionality and console plus much more.

It’s Scalable

Hosted Telephony grows with you. You have complete freedom of choice – you can start with a standalone fixed network and later, for example, choose to upgrade to Instant Messaging that encompasses a mobile network with the same services for users.

It’s mobile-friendly

From the simultaneous ringing of mobile and desk phones to the seamless transfer of calls to and from mobiles, Switch Connect can turn your mobile into a remote office that fits in your pocket.

It saves you time and money

Saying good bye to fixed lines and moving to the cloud generates huge savings, while Switch Connect’s integrated, customised solutions mean that we manage and maintain all the software and equipment you’ll ever need – now and in the future.

It Works Everywhere

Hosted Telephony allows for an incoming call to be directed to any office, no matter where on the globe it’s located, while inter-office communications will be enhanced, making collaboration and team-building a built-in advantage.