Smart Office Data & Mobile

Smart Office clients deliver rich collaboration experiences to PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, in or out of the office. Make and receive audio and/or video calls, send instant messages and collaborate with video and screen sharing directly from desktop or mobile devices. Seamlessly move calls between clients, desktop phones and mobile devices. Employees can turn any workspace into a virtual office; as ideal for telecommuters and mobile employees as traditional office workers.

Smart Office clients deliver PBX calling services, unified company directory, user presence, instant messaging, conversation logs, voice and video conferencing and screen sharing. It’s easy to find co-workers fast and get more done.


Smart Office clients leverage our exclusive patent-pending Omni technology that combines WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) and application container technology. Users maintain the rich experience they deserve while service providers gain the power and flexibility of a centrally controlled experience. Users always have the latest version of the client and service providers don’t have to constantly manage upgrade files. No, IT hassles or expense. Smart Office design reflects the intersection of the web and real-time communications, making it practical to use common web tools to customize or rebrand clients; even add new features to live deployments.

Stay Connected

Switch Connect gives you the ability to answer incoming business calls via desktop, complementing or completely replacing the desk phone. Outbound calls show the user’s office number in Caller ID so it’s easy to maintain a consistent business identity from the road or home office. Designed for business users in mind, not consumers, Smart Office can manage multiple calls, deliver collaboration services and integrate with other corporate services.

Key Capabilities

• Rich PBX services
• Presence
• Instant Messaging
• Click-to-dial voice and video
• Smart Office collaboration room
• E-mail and Clipboard collaboration invitation
• Conversation logs
• Global and personal address book (network/cloud-based)
• Dynamic call handling including presence-based routing
• Omni technology simplifies deployment & reduces costs

End-User Benefits

• One business identity – use a single office number for consistent access everywhere; no need to give out a personal mobile number
• Productivity – find and collaborate (IM, voice video and screen share) with co-workers and customers more effectively, more rapidly. No need to wait to get back to the office to get work done
• Access – use Call Grabber service to seamlessly moves live calls between office phone, computer and mobile devices
• Choice – Integrates with a variety of industry

Switch Connect Business Solutions

Collaboration Room Services

• Multi-party voice and video conferencing
• Screen and content sharing
• Multi-party chat
• Moderator controls
• Dynamic bandwidth use via SVC video support

Common Specifications

• Voice calling with G.711 & Opus codecs
• Video calling with H.264 and VP8
• Support for multi-party video conferencing with H.264 SD/HD SVC
• All conversations are secured with HTTPS, TLS & SRTP

Switch Connect Business Solutions

• KBS portal supports custom client colours
• Custom tabs support 3rd party applications

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