Visual Attendant

Get your customers to the right place right from your website

Today’s customers are looking for instant satisfaction. Instead of directing your prospects and customers to dial your number, navigate through complex menu options and wait in long hold queues. Imagine a world where they can instantly call you right from your website. Since most calls are already preceded by a website visit, why take a chance of losing your prospects' mindshare with busy signals, recordings, and endlessly complex multi-level menu choices?

Visual Attendant puts your customer first

Your Website: Visual Attendant resides on your website, right where
your customers and prospects already are!

Self Select Menus: Your customers call directly from the browser, and they select whom they want to talk to.

Instant Gratification: Click to Connect ensures your customers get what they want when they want it, so they will keep coming back!

Be Prepared: Associate a different number with each page so that your team is prepared to assist customers quickly and efficiently



Menu Trees

Menu Trees

Visual Attendant’s context-sensitive menus allow end-users point and click options to select the right department directly from your website – without rambling menu prompts.

Fast implementation Time

Instant Connection

With Visual Attendant, customers will enjoy simple, menu-based, click–to–connect calling right from your website, without toll-free number fees.

Fast implementation Time

Fast implementation Time

Configureable menu options available through an intuitive web portal allows you to set up, customise and implement your Visual Attendant by simply copying and pasting auto-generated HTML code into your website html.

Inbound Call Analytics

Admins have dashboards that provide metrics to measure your website’s effectiveness. Visual Attendant enables real-time customer interactions; it can provide a seamless real-time communications experience; give instant connection via menu options all of this your website.

Visual Attendant enables real-time customer interactions directly through the browser initiated from any page on your website. The transition from a webpage visit to a real-time communications experience is seamless, as an instant connection is facilitated through a  self-selection of menu options from your website. No need to for lengthy automated attendant greetings and a plethora of touch tone selections that could inevitably lead to a lost customer.



• Close more sales when your customers can connect instantly!
• Existing customers will spend more when they have a great experience the first time.

Manage Costs

• Eliminate cost associated with 800 number inbound call expense
• Self-service tools reduce the need for pro-services or support team training
• No need to rebuild your website, just embed code in your existing HTML and get started instantly!

Enable Customer Self-Service

• Allow your customers to choose whom they talk to instead of tying up staff to route calls.
• Decrease your hold queues and lost calls. Free-up your staff to respond quicker by offloading inbound calls via your web tool.

Reduce Risk

• Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn risk. By ensuring your customer connects to the department faster than ever.
• Reduce call hold times and complaints by offering

Instant access to support teams

• Ensure you don’t lose a prospect to the competition by keeping them in hold queues too long.

A New Way to Connect

Delight your customers with Click to Connect options instead
of frustrating them with a call, navigate, and wait for alternatives!

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